Tunneling Under Slab For Plumbing Repair

Affordable & Reliable Solutions for tunneling under concrete slab plumbing leak and foundation repair in Houston.

We offer solutions to all kinds of projects. Tunneling has quickly become an alternative to indoor deconstruction methods.

Need Repairs for Under Slab Foundation Problems

Our tunneling services include hand digging tunnels and access holes, trenches, and excavation for plumbing, electrical, cable and foundation repairs.

Typically the individual and/or homeowner’s licensed plumber will identify the under slab leak or plumbing problem.

Then that’s when we get involved to coordinate our specialty for providing access and backfilling.

We work with remodeling & construction companies, investors, builders, plumbing contractors, foundation repair companies, individuals and homeowners.

We provide plumbing assistance to allow the technician to re-route, replace or repair drain lines and sewer pipes underneath the house foundation.

Tunneling Under House for Plumbing

Under slab leak problems in Houston can cause costly damage to your home and its foundation. That’s when you want to call our tunneling company.

Plumbers Assistance

We work with plumbing companies, electricians, foundation repair contractors and individuals needing help with under slab tunneling, excavation, trenching and pier drilling.

If you suspect that you may have a leak, your plumber can locate the leak. After locating the leak, your plumber will have to gain access to it in order to make the repairs. 

In some cases, this means breaking a hole in the slab with a jackhammer, which can create a lot of dust and damage the flooring covering the concrete slab (tile, wood, marble, etc.).

Tunneling Under Concrete Slab House

If the leak is under the bathtub or other difficult location, your plumber may decide to tunnel under your house, repair the damaged pipes, and fill in the tunnel. 

That’s where tunnelnow.com comes in to assist the plumbers.

Slab leaks refer to water seepage of plumbing pipes set up in or under the concrete slab foundation of a residence.

Under particular situations, slab pipes seep out water and bring about expensive structural destruction.

Out of view, drippy underground pipes are not all the time detectable unless homeowners apprehend the 5, most common slab leak red flags.

– For their disruptive features, slab water seepage demands early on discovery before critical destruction arises.

Homeowners must look out for the following symptoms of water leaks below slab concrete: elevated water bills, the sound of running water when water flow is switched off, excessive humidity under carpets, warm spots on floors or cracks on walls and floors.

Excavation and Trenching Services in Houston

trench excavation for sewer line repair

If your property shows the above warning signs, take immediate action and engage plumbers for leaking slab detection and fixing.

Concrete leaking slab happens under certain conditions such as kinked pipelines, incorrect assembly of pipes and fittings, electrolysis, friction, or incompatible earth sparking a chemical response that erodes copper pipes.

Corroded pipes are more vulnerable to seep out water.

Under Slab Leak Repair in Houston Texas

Shattering the concrete slab foundation to find the drippy origin is unsatisfactory.

Leaking slab diagnosis gear is applied by plumbers to find the origin of the water leakage in a non-attacking way.

As soon as detected, your concrete leaking slab correction choices are replacing the leaking out the zone of the pipeline or installing a new pipeline.

tunneling under house slab

A concrete leaking slab can as well occur as a result of electrolysis – different metal kinds come into contact and the electrical charge passing through creates pinhole water leaks in metal pipes.

In-place-epoxy insulation may be applied to restore the cavities devoid of unearthing the genuine concrete slab. Plumbers offer slab leak detection and repair for water leaks under the slab. Find out how slab leaks form, slab leak symptoms and repair.

Tunnel Now offers plumbers assistance with under house slab tunneling, trenching and excavation services in Houston and surrounding areas.

If you are a plumber or homeowner needing assistance to reach a pipe leak under the house or need to replace the old galvanized piping system. 

Give us a call at (713) 321-2657 for a free estimate on our tunneling services.

Affordable Rates To Replace Broken Drain Pipe Under Foundation

Sometimes the concrete slab will sink due to water leaks and you’ll need to hire a professional foundation repair contractor to lift the house using pressed piers. You can call Tunnel Now to schedule a free estimate. (713) 321-2657

Excavation Under House To Allow Access For Master Plumber

When a leaky pipe or clogged drain is discovered, the first step is to excavate under the house. This allows access for a master plumber to enter the tunneling under the concrete slab foundation and make repairs. The excavation process can be done either by hand with shovels and pickaxes or by using heavy machinery such as a small excavator.

Excavation is usually done in the trench below a home’s foundation. A sufficiently deep hole must be excavated to allow access for the master plumber and his equipment. The under slab tunneling company normally excavates the tunnel 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. In the case of support beams, they’ll dig out the dirt as deep as 6 feet in order to reach the broken sewer or water drain pipes.

Which Drain Trenching Companies Should You Use?

First, excavating trenches is necessary to get below the surface of a concrete slab foundation. Once there’s an opening big enough, then contractors can enter and make repairs or replace pipes that are broken to make plumbing repairs

Plumbing contractors need to be able to do more than just install toilets and pipes. They often find themselves needing excavation companies for a variety of reasons, such as digging trenches or installing sewer lines and drainage systems in commercial developments. 

Excavation is an important service that plumbing contractors need, but it can also be expensive if you are trying to do the work yourself with your own equipment.

Here Are A Few Key Reasons Why Plumbing Contractors Use Excavation Companies:

*You don’t need to worry about heavy equipment.

*Professional excavation companies have the right safety gear and know-how to avoid damaging other parts of your property while they’re working.

-Private plumbing companies who do excavation operations for municipal sewer lines may hire out these services to local excavation contractors as they are trained in proper techniques. Hydraulic excavators can be operated remotely so the need of exposing workers is eliminated which also protects them from potential hazards that may come their way.

Reasons Plumbers Hire Excavation and Trenching Contractors:

Excavation contractors have knowledge of excavating underground utilities which plumbers don’t typically have. Excavations may be required to install sewer lines or doing major repairs on a sewer system.

When you need trenching services for plumbing repairs, an excavating company is a viable option for you. Excavation companies have construction equipment and tools to trench a space, dig holes up to 36-inches deep, and install underground utilities including sewage pipes and water lines.

Excavations are often needed in order to run sewer line installation or septic tank installations. Professional plumbing contractors have the resources available to succeed with these jobs, but they could use some help from local excavation firms.

Excavation companies are a valuable resource for plumbing contractors who need to install a commercial sewer line, as excavation is their specialty.

Excavation is something that an excavating company can do for them, and it’s the job they know best.

Plumbing and Excavation Near Me

Excavators are needed when there are going to be major repairs on plumbing systems such as installing new pipes or fixing broken ones. The excavation requires expensive heavy equipment that a plumbing company cannot afford this level of capital investment.

Excavation companies are also needed when there is a need to change the shape of an area. This may be for leveling, grading or configuring an area with pipes and electric wiring in order to make room for future construction on land that’s already been developed.

When working on any project involving excavation, it really pays off to subcontract the work to an excavation company.

image of plumber making plumbing leak repair