Tunnel Under House to Repair Sewer Plumbing

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Our plumbing in Houston is buried under our house.  We have a concrete slab and dirt underneath. When a drain pipe gets plugged up (toilet, sink, bath tub/shower, utility room, kitchen dishwasher, other).

We snake out the line to unplug the clog only to find a lot of mud or it didn’t unplug the line. That’s where our tunneling services come into the equation. Tunneling is used to reach broken pipe.

We create an entry hole at the exterior of the house. We hand dig out 3 to 4 feet wide access opening for the tunnel.

Then our crew hand digs 5, 8, 10 or whatever the total linear feet is required to reach the broken plumbing pipe. This creates a path for the plumber to go in and make his plumbing repairs. Once the plumber is done removing the old pipes and hanging new ones from the slab. 

We backfill the tunnel and access hole with the dirt we excavated and fill dirt. We take care to prevent or minimize any damage to flower beds, shrubbery and landscaping near the access hole. Our crew is professional and take steps to keep the area clean. Everything will be supervised by the owner from start to finish.

Repairing sewer lines and tunneling / excavating services
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