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Tunnel Now has over 12 years of experience working with property owners in the Houston area to correct house leveling problems.

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We can work on all types of home foundations from the concrete slab, pier & beam, houses sitting on blocks, and what is referred to as block & base.

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Pier and beam houses can be defined as structures that can be crawled under, that is, structures that have a crawl space. There are a number of foundation problems that are unique to pier and beam structures. The wood is susceptible to rot after prolonged contact with water or soil, and also to deterioration from termites and other critters.

Once the wood is rotted, it must be replaced. The other potential problem we find with pier and beam structure is undersized or poorly spaced supporting piers being placed closer together than 6 feet apart or in the case of sagging floors where we find the piers too far apart.

Pier & Beam, Houses Sitting on Blocks

If the customer reports sag or shaking of the home’s flooring. Our inspection includes checking the floor joist or girders to make sure they were installed properly with an adequate spacing which in some cases we need to add more lumber to give it strength to correct or prevent sagging and dipping depending on the circumstances of our findings.

Our main concern with pier and beam foundations is to get into the areas of inspecting the spacing of piers as they serve the purpose of preventing sagging of the wood structure above. Our inspector will look closely at the base of the piers to make sure they are resting on a solid base and property spaced to ensure there are enough piers to adequately distribute and support the weight of the home.

Inadequate support or degraded base supporting the piers can lead to the settlement into the ground, which will need to be corrected. It may be determined a poured in place concrete footings are needed which will be noted in our report to the customer.

Our estimates included inspecting in and around the home for any drainage problems where we know all too well how water traveling under the structure over time causes settlement and upheaval wherever it accumulates around and under your pier and beam structure.

Not too mention the standing water attracts bugs, bacteria, molds, and algae. We will complete our inspection and provide the property owner with a written report while addressing all your questions and concerns.

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