Residential Tunneling and Trenching

Sewer Lines Repair

Nothing is worse for homeowners than a backed up or leaking sewer main line. As sewage is a biohazard, this is one problem you don’t want to handle on your own. The professionals of Any Hour Services have the tools and gear necessary to handle sewer main line problems.

Pipe Repair


Fast Plumbing Repair

Plumbers looking to save valuable time by hiring an experienced excavator with extensive knowledge and equipment to reach the exact area of the leak or broken pipe either by hand digging under the slab or penetrating the concrete exposing the problem area for proper repair. In some instances, the leak is located in a concrete beam or the slab. We will explore and discuss the best and most effective method for exposing and reaching the identified area for the plumber to do his or her job.

Our tunneling and excavating team will be in direct communications with the plumber to allow for a fast and efficient repair of the plumbing.

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