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Fix Drain pipe under my house

Excavation Contracting Services in Houston Texas

Do you need to fix the drain pipe under your house or building? has a solution for drain and sewer line repair and replacement jobs.

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Sewer Line Excavation Near Me

Are searching the interwebs in order to find the best excavation contractors in Houston? Well, you’re in luck. You have found a trushworthy and reliable excavating and trenching company. has over 15 years experience providing excavating service for a wide variety of construction projects including sewer repair and replacement jobs.. 

Every day we have an excavating operator digging and trenching the earth to make way for drain and sewer line repair or replacement work. We help homeowners and businesses fix drain pipes under the house slab or buildings.

If you need excavating & trenching services to install or replace your sewer line. We invite you to call us to schedule an onsite estimate today.

Sewer Line Replacement in Houston TX

Sewer lines and drain pipe can get damaged from normal wear and tear, corrosion, and the elements. These unfortunate pipe damages are usually messy, smelly and often times costly to fix, repair or replace. If you are seeing signs of sewer line problems like pool water in your yard, clogged drains, toilet and/or showers backing up. Call a professional sewer replacement service company. You can request a free no-obligation quote from