Excavating Under Concrete Slab

Are you a plumber or individual needing excavating under a concrete slab to make plumbing repairs? There are two types of slab leaks- fresh water and sewer water.

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Our tunneling company has years of experience working with plumbers and individuals to excavate under the foundation slab to access the area underneath the home to correct plumbing problems.

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Instead of cutting through your floor straight to the damaged area, careful excavating has allowed for techniques like plumbing tunneling and hand digging, which requires no floor entry or interior damage repair. 

Tunneling also allows homeowners to remain in the home while repairs are completed.

image of excavating under foundation slab

Access and Repair of Fresh Water Leak or Sewer Water Leak

There are two ways to access a leak under the concrete slab. One option is to jack hammer through the slab foundation and digging to the leak.

Generally, access to a fresh water leak is easiest by jack hammering a small hole into the slab foundation with minimal damage and mess.

Tunneling under the foundation from the outside is the other way to access a leak. This may be the best way to access and repair sewer water leaks due to the size and possible length of pipe that may be damaged.

The access options will be discussed by a licensed Houston plumbers to determine what may be best because each homeowner and each situation varies.