Culvert Repair Solutions

Expert restoration of deteriorated culverts improve structural integrity, extends pipeline service. Typical rehabilitation or culvert repair methods include:

Using restoration method MCSP expertly applies high-strength cementitious coating containing a proprietary blend of additives that make the compromised pipeline impermeable which significantly helps extend the service life of the pipeline.

Spin Casting
A versatile repair method, spin casting relies on a precisely controlled spin caster that is inserted into the pipe and withdrawn at a calculated speed creating thin layers of high-strength, cementitious grout or mortar that tightly adheres to the original substrate.

A form of trenchless rehabilitation, slip lining is used to repair leaks or restore the structural stability and integrity of an existing pipeline. This cost-effective method offers all the benefits and service life of a new pipe with minimal construction disruption.

Geopolymer mortar is used in the rehabilitation of manholes, culverts and other large diameter pipes and structures. Resistant to bacterial and chemical corrosion, geopolymer linings help prevent future infiltration/exfiltration leakage and improves the performance.